NAAM Festival is a creative activism platform running the #JusticeforLakeVictoria campaign. The pollution and destruction of the lake’s ecosystem is the motivation factor. NAAM means YES in Swahili and LAKE in Dholuo languages from Kenya. We use art as an advocacy tool for action.

Lolwe is something very big, substantial or enormous that spreads in Dholuo. Like the heart organ that operates as the blood circulatory engine in animals and humans through the arteries. Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest fresh water by area and the 1st largest lake in Africa. The lake can be compared to the heart organ too. It is a vital resource that powers almost half of the African continent through the River Nile vessel gushing out from East Africa towards the north, pouring life in Egypt. Currently we are running a global solidarity campaign and a work in progress featuring Lake Victoria, India’s Vellayani Lake in Trivandrum, Kerala State and South America’s Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia. The global campaign is dubbed #MYLAKEMYFUTURE speaking for the plight of our global water future and working towards restoration of earth’s great lakes.


Arts and culture for a better PLANET!


Restoration and protection of the single most unifying symbol of the East African people – Lake Victoria, by effecting a mindset shift through edutainment and citizen participation.