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Public members at weekly clean up at Lake Vellayani
Fundraiser for Save Lake Vellayani; 3 different steps of supporting the campaign - Financial and non financial


In alignment with the Rebuild Kerala effort after the recent Kerala floods, NAAM Festival in partnership with kanthari and SUSTERA Foundation organized  a one day “Restoring Our Lakes-Drop by Drop: #MyLakeMyFuture” awareness/exhibition stall with a talk show (on environment and development) at Manaveeyam Veedhi (Art Street), Trivandrum early in October. The event also include a Public Discussion by Tamil Nadu's Environmentalist a.k.a The Jungle Warrior and Activist Piyush Manush.

The Exhibition curated by NAAM Festival Founder, Dave Ojay, currently in India for a leadership course enlisted people for a cleanup event cum arts festival that was held at the Vellayani lake side, Kanthari Campus on 27th October 2018. This exhibition and clean-up festival #SaveVellayaniLake is a result of ongoing heated conversations or efforts on how art would be used to effect change in the minds of people to respect the environment. The unchecked pollution/negligence of world's greatest lakes and their catchment area are affecting the lives of several thousands and millions of people who depend on these resources as a source of livelihood.

The campaign is part of a global solidarity movement to restore our lakes. Titled: #MyLakeMyFuture. It is an environmental conscious art showcasing of sculptures made with waste retrieved from Lake Vellayani, Titicaca and Victoria. It consists of powerful images of the lakes from the lens of conscious photographers. There was also a confession booth where guests could drop reflective messages of their own environmental crimes or abuses and make a pledged with the hope of beginning individual transformation.

The Exhibition, also conducted an ART SALE to raise funds for the global solidarity campaign. A work in progress in Kenya featuring #JusticeforLakeVictoria, Peru featuring #JusticeforLakeTiticaca and finally India featuring #SaveLakeVellayani. This collaboration has been made possible with global partners including Red Universitaria Ambiental - RUA (Environmental University Network) in Peru, SUSTERA Foundation in India and Strathmore University in Kenya.

The artistic global campaign aims to raise awareness about the sad situation of our lakes, carry out a massive clean-up drive and to mobilize young people to think up solutions to the problem in their respective countries. The events begun in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Capital in South India. Towards end of month of November Peru will follow, on 23rd November, in Puno and finally on 30th November, at Strathmore University in Kenya.

The main objectives of the solidarity campaign are to:-
•    Target/sensitize the youth, political leaders and general public about the ongoing degradation of the participating Lakes and other cases in the world. To push national or global dialogue online about conservation.
•    Assist existing Community Groups attempting to address the pollution problems reach out more lakeside people for regular/weekly clean ups.
•    Influence and incentivize students to identify opportunities for educational projects around the Lakes and promote meaningful applied research study.

The campaign is in need of financial and in kind assistance.
Volunteers are also welcome to sign up.
To support or volunteer at the Vellayani Campaign please contact: +919946 988454 or email:

A music camp with regional established and new artists is planned for later in 2019 where musicians from the lake basin region will stay in a camp living and working with natural resources in the wilderness to develop hard hitting environmental art content. The 4 to 7 day camp will lead to a festival concert with participating artists displaying artistic work devised from the camp to unpack the climate change jargon that people at the grass roots do not quite get, yet this information is vital. Select guests and locals will have a chance to be invited to the residency camp to watch short productions with born fires, drumming, dancing, music and short film.

The Nile Day mini festival was a collaborative project that was first mediated by Roots International at Kuona Trust - Kenya. The event included an afternoon forum of invited participants, followed by an open community event and mini-Nile Day festival of musical performances that was free for the public to attend some years back. By bringing a diverse assortment of participants together, we aim to create a dynamic atmosphere for open dialogue about culture, music, and environmental and social change. The discussions drew upon this collective experience while involving outside perspectives to ensure productive discussions that may bring about innovative solutions for new ways in which arts & culture can serve as a vehicle for environmental sustainability and social change. We hope to keep the collaboration with The Nile Project going forward in 2019 to interrogate and demystify the the real issues around the River Nile Basin Countries.

In order to celebrate the shared natural wealth of the Nile basin in East Africa, we marked Nile Day (February 22) with festivities involving musicians and artists from many diverse traditions of East Africa. The musical performances served to present new innovative processes of cultural collaboration that we hope will reflect the future of political processes and social dialogue regarding a more sustainable shared ecology in the Nile countries. The diverse artists who showcased at the Nile Day Festival included The Nile Project, Riky Na Marafiki, Sarabi, Wambui Kamiru (found objects art installation), Antoney Mugo (glass art installation)