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The Flip Flopi Naam Lolwe Festival is a campaign that launched its Clean up and environmental knowledge sessions on 6th February, 2021. The pre-activities culminate into a community gathering of purpose, innovation, and culture during the climax exhibitions, boat races, and showcases from 4th to 7th March. In Kisumu County. There is a message they yearn to take upstream with efforts to educate people on going green.

The Flip Flopi and Naam Festival team believes in a future that will not affect the coming generation. This is why Flipflopi, in partnership with Naam Festival and the County Government of Kisumu, are joining hands to beat pollution to awaken the plastic revolution. More so, they will fight for justice for Lake Victoria and celebrate Lake Victoria's innovators for coughing out the ingenious ways of boosting the circular economy.

Flip Flopi and Naam Festival seek to gear up the campaign to ensure knowledge is shared, create awareness and encourage the community to appreciate Lake Victoria's natural environment. With this project, the long-term goal is to achieve local ownership, appreciation, conservation, and vast awareness of the importance of Lake Victoria's ecosystem and a ban on single-use plastics in the East African region.

The project will see the communities living along and etching their livelihoods from the lake experience behavioral and attitude changes towards the lakeside ecosystem. Their daily routine doesn't endanger Lake Victoria and its rivers.

The project also touches on the proper waste segregation and management across the counties bordering Lake Victoria in Kenya and to see systematic investment by the government and private investors in waste processing to provide more employment opportunities to the lakeside communities.

However, there is an ongoing workshop in different villages in Kisumu in preparation for the Flip Flopi Naam Lolwe Festival.

The workshops, being led by Naam Festival, is educating people on:

  1. Cleanups
  2. Hyacinth workshops
  3. Tree planting and seedling nurturing
  4. Art workshop

The communities have embraced the workshops with great minds of learning more. The mentioned activities have helped reach many people who have joined in to fight and get justice for Lake Victoria.

The young children have not been left behind; they have joined the green team to beat pollution for the plastic revolution.

According to science, we have treated the environment with so much negative energy that we have very little room to do more damages. If only we could listen to this vital information and change the ways we produce and consume to ensure we tackle pollution in all its form across the world.