About Us

NAAM is Swahili for acknowledgement or yes and also means large water body in native Luo Language. The festival is an idea mooted by a group of young established creative operators based and operating around East Africa. The group enjoys a tremendous global exposure in the cultural sector and seek to establish Naam Festival for […]


NAAM Festival Mission and Objectives: NAAM Festival vision is Arts and Culture for a better Planet. Our strategy is to implement an environmentally sound economic development model through creative arts that enables subsistence farmers and marginalized talented young adults to plant themselves out of poverty. Rural poverty is not a singular issue. It stems from […]

What to expect

The year 2013 saw the Naam Festival realize a pilot edition at Kisumu Beach Resort with an enthralling line up of artists including Juliani, Sita Makinu, Dola Kabary, Sarabi, Sarakasi Dancers, Ohangla Young Turks among many more. This was a significant event attended by several locals and a few visitors from neighboring countries and the […]