NAAM Festival Mission and Objectives: NAAM Festival vision is Arts and Culture for a better Planet. Our strategy is to implement an environmentally sound economic development model through creative arts that enables subsistence farmers and marginalized talented young adults to plant themselves out of poverty. Rural poverty is not a singular issue. It stems from environmental degradation and feeds social ills that create a cycle of hardship and dependence. To break this cycle, our programs are designed with three critical elements in mind: PEOPLE, their PROFIT and our PLANET – our triple ‘P’ bottom line.
Our main objectives include;

  1. Launching a simultaneous sobriety crusade to the locals and the East African populace in view of empowering and equipping them with knowledge and information; that does not necessarily have to wait for periodical events of euphoria ranging from agriculture, floods, environment, cohesion, natural resources, diseases and cultural conservation while bringing cultural lovers out of the comfort zones and introduce them to a much more serene atmosphere.
  2. Put out activities and cultural events that locals can associate with to entertain as much as educate them and tackle issues affecting Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, (East Africa and Africa as a whole) such as youth unemployment and how to invest in environmental friendly activities around the shore line.
  3. Influence vibrant art sector by attracting new audiences and to impact positively in the domestic tourism sector by diverting local tourists and; to improve cultural appreciation around East Africa on the lake basin and influence a moral society by providing the public and art lovers with new styles of enriching art representation in quality, content, uniqueness, awareness and local / African experiences.

As scholars or artists we need to speak for Lake Victoria to serve this generation and generations to come. In Tanzania, its waters are used all the way up to Shinyanga” Hon. Mohammed Chande, Chief Justice of Tanzania.